Behind it all.

Toronto Photographer, Designer and Basketball Enthusiast.


Khiry Cummings is a Toronto-based Photographer and Graphic Designer. Khiry was pulled into the world of photography and design in his early years in college which continue today throughout his career. Shortly after picking up a camera, Khiry discovered his love for this art form and welcomed numerous opportunities along the way. From urban landscapes, to tropical destinations, Khiry shows us how different the world is, yet how connected we really are.    


Khiry draws much of his inspiration for his visual pieces from architecture, sports, design, and travel. This has lead to partnerships with notable brands such as; Visit Barbados, Apple Inc, and Farmer's Market of Canada. His unwavering eagerness to learn about the many facets of technology, tourism and culture have led Khiry and his camera to capture the stories of the world through his lens.